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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Tennessee Titans 7 round mock draft

This draft is on the basis that the Titans are going to acquire a veteran QB when there is a free agency. Possibly Matt Hasselbeck.

*TRADE* Tennessee Titans send #8 Detroit Lions send #13 and #44. Detroit trade up from Prince Amukamara who they feel can be a shutdown corner for them in the future.

Round 1 (13): Phil Taylor, DT, Baylor

Mike Munchak and Mike Reinfeldt feel that Phil Taylor is worth the 13th selection in the draft. At 6'3 and 334lbs, Taylor is a huge defensive tackle. He was projected to be a NT in the NFL but would still fit in under a 4-3 defensive scheme. He has played in a 4-3 for his entire college career and is no stranger to what is needed at the position. His attraction for the Titans would be his ability to attract double teams and leave the other DT's free to rush the passer. Taylor would also be a major contributer in stopping the run which the Titans struggled with in the trenches last season.

Round 2 (39): Jabaal Sheard, DE, Pittsburgh

The Titans take a defensive end early in the second round to sure up a position which is very thing with key players like Jason Babin and Dave Ball on the free agents list. I feel that Reinfeldt will not want to use a massive contract on the ageing Babin and will therefore draft his longterm replacement here. Sheard isn't the traditional pass-rushing end, which will push him out of the first round, but he is still capable of beating NFL offensive tackles on speed alone. He is solid against both passing and running plays which will make him a good asset in the 4-3 defense. Sheard's production last year proves this as he had 9 sacks, 14.5 TFL, 4 FF and 52 tackles. He is certainly solid value at 39.

Round 2 (44): Bruce Carter, OLB, North Carolina

Bruce Carter is a much needed acquisition to the Titans linebacking corps. He is a first round talent but and injury to his knee will push him into the second round. Bruce Carter possesses all the tool to be successfull in Tennessee's defensive scheme, he is solid at rushing the passer and is good in coverage. The Titans have lacked a good coverage linebacker and struggled to cover the opposing tight ends last season, this worry will be lifted somewhat if Carter was drafted. If he doesn't make the roster straight away as a linebacker, he is an excellent special teams player aswell and has the ability to block kicks and pave the way for Mariani to have another Pro Bowl season.

Round 3 (77): Ricky Stanzi, QB, Iowa

I am personally not a fan of the Titans taking a QB in the first two rounds of the draft unless Locker or Mallett fall to them in the second round, which I personally doubt will happen. Instead the Titans should go with a developmental player like Ricky Stanzi. Stanzi has all the tools to develop into a future starter for the Titans. He would sit his first season and some of his second season to be slowly inputted into the offense but I think he is a guy that Palmer would enjoy developing. In this weak QB class, Stanzi is pretty good value in round three. He has had solid production in college and has some experience under centre in his career, which will be valuable in the speed of his NFL progression. He would be well worth the selection and would prevent a risk pick at the position in rounds one or two.

Round 4 (109): Kelvin Sheppard, MLB, LSU

Reinfeldt uses another pick on a linebacker in the 2011 NFL draft. Sheppard is a nice prospect and is a solid production guy with 226 tackles, 5 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and 2 interceptions in his last two seasons. With the uncertainty concerning the CBA, MLB is a gaping hole on the Titans roster. Tulloch may decide to test the free agent waters and so the Titans jump on a possible rookie performer. He has the ability to make an impact immediatly and will add another leader in the locker room.

Round 4 (130) comp: Kendric Burney, CB, North Carolina

With the compensatory selection Reinfeldt takes a corner to finally get Ryan Mouton out of the fourth cornerback spot. Burney is a player that reminds me of Alterraun Verner in his playing style, he is occasionally beaten by the big play but is a playmaker on defense and will challenge for the ball and therefore make plays. He is not a huge need but compensatory picks are not usually used for huge needs. Burney would be able to contribute in his rookie season and Jerry Gray would see potential in utilising him in his defense early. Burney would join his Tar Heel colleague in the Titans 2011 draft class.

Round 5 (142): Jeremy Kerley, WR, TCU

Now that Kenny Britt has been an idiot again and got in trouble with the police, the Titans will look to add to their wide receiver group and Kerley is the perfect option. With Mariani possibly making more of an impact on the team away from special teams, Kerley is adept to take that role up in his rookie season if needed. He is also a solid receiver and lead TCU in receptions and touchdowns last season with Andy Dalton at the helm. He is decent value in round five and would be at the least a good special teams player in his rookie season.

Round 6 (175): David Arkin, OG, Missouri State

Finally, Reinfeldt decides to use a pick on the offensive line. Most people are posting mocks with several offensive lineman drafted for the Titans and usually one in the top three rounds. I doubt this happens in the real draft as Munchak has already said himself that he thinks that his current offensive line could win a super bowl. There is no doubt that Stewart and Roos are one of the best offensive tackle tandems in the NFL, but the interior line still needs some work. Munchak likes the guys he has already got but will push through a move late for Arkin as a back up guard and eventual starter. Arkin is a solid lineman and is the typical Titans late round offensive lineman, he is a guy that Titans scouts are known to be interested in and don't be suprised if he ends up in Nashville.

Round 7 (212): Allen Bradford, RB, USC

The Titans have missed LenDale White since he left and goal line carries took a lot out of CJ2K last season. Blount should've never been released which was another bad move by Fisher, but Reinfeldt sees the oppurtunity of Allen Bradford and drafts him as a short yardage, goal line carrie and change of pace running back. Bradford can also contribute on the Titans special teams.

Round 7 (251) comp: Frank Kearse, DT, Alabama AM

Finally, the Tennessee Titans add another defensive tackle late on in the draft. Frank Kearse is 6'4 and 315lbs  so another big body DT to help stop the run. He impressed a Titans scout at his pro day and even had solo drills with the Steelers so obviously he is noticed around the league as a late round prospect. He would be another defensive lineman taken in the draft for Tracy Rocker to work on and hopefully mould into a solid contributer in the NFL.

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